Monday, August 05, 2013

Shark Week: Bull Shark

Shark #2 of 2013's Shark Week:  Bull Shark.

This is helping me realize that I had gotten out of the swing of scanning and coloring.  As I mentioned, the shark-a-day during Shark Week is great in that it forces me back into drawing something every day.

I've also decided bull sharks are not amongst my favorite sharks to draw.  Threshers and tiger sharks top that list.

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Shark Week! Gully Shark aka Hound Tooth Shark

I am a member of a group on the DeviantArt! website that has a SharkWeek challenge every year.  The moderator posts the name of a shark every day.  Every day, everyone in the group draws and shares their version of that shark.  I look forward to this; it makes me draw something every day.

Today's shark was the Gully Shark, aka the Sharptooth Hound shark.
One of the challenges of this exercise is finding good source material. Although I draw in a "cartoony/comic strip" style, I still try to get the basics of my sharks correct. This one was a tough one. I was unfamiliar with this species (found SE Africa, from Angola to S. Africa). My books were no help, and there were very few pictures on Google Images that weren't fishing photos.
Anyway, I think he came out pretty well.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Ok, nothing major.  Just trying to get back to art.

I decided to try to use Blogger as a tool for posting a small comic.  I call it "Death Warmed Over", and it features, guess what, Death.
I do not intend for this to be a regularly updated strip.  I just know I have a few ideas, so I thought I would use  Blogger instead of going through all the song and dance of setting up a whole web site for it.
The first strip was done around Christmas time.

My old strip, "On Exhibit", created back when I worked at the Aquarium, is still out there:

Monday, December 24, 2012

Death & Christmas

Just a quick scan & post.  I wanted to get this up before Christmas, for obvious reasons.
Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

How to Replace a Door Sweep

 A Home Improvement Guide by Matthew


  • 2 collapsable saw horses
  • 1 Hammer
  • 1 Screwdriver, slightly larger than the interior of a hinge post-hole
  • 1 Screwdriver, slightly smaller than the interior of a hinge post-hole
  • 1 Vehicle, for repeated trips to hardware store
  • 1 broken down cardboard box (or more)
  • 1 Box of chocolate-filled Joe-Joe's
1.  Attempt to discern the type of sweep by opening door, looking at it from different angles and taking pictures with a phone or iPad.

2.  Swear at the door.  You know this is coming;  might as well get a warm-up in.

3.  Go to Lowe's. (You can start at Home Depot.  It doesn't matter, as long as you switch later.  For these instructions, we are starting at Lowe's.)  Guestimate the correct door sweep (aka the only one on  the shelf that does not have crap going up the front and back of the door).  Purchase it.  Acknowledge it is probably the wrong one.

4.  Drive home.  Open garage door.  Swear at cats that run into garage and will probably be urinating somewhere. (Aren't you glad you warmed up in step 2?)  Chase cats out of garage.

5.  Bring sawhorses into house, just inside the door.  Set them up.  It is essential to do this NOW, because if you wait you might realize you aren't actually going to use them and won't do it later.

6.  Locate your hammer and the screwdriver that is slightly larger than the interior of the door hinge post holes.  Attempt to tap out door hinge posts.  Swear at screwdriver.

7.  Get smaller screwdriver.  Repeat step 6 with smaller screwdriver.  (Since it should work this time, you can omit the swearing.  Unless you are on a roll.)  Put one post in your pocket; place the other two just out of reach.

8.  Lift door off the hinges.  This is where you will be happy you got in your warm-up swearing.  If you did not warm up, you could potentially injure yourself and your relationship with the HOA with the swearing you will do at this point.

9.  Realize there is no way in hell you are going to get the door up on the sawhorses.  GENTLY lay the door on the carpet and the box you have placed on the hardwood.

10.  Examine the sweep.  Realize 1) the sweep is much worse than you thought and 2.) the one you purchased is completely wrong.  Swearing is optional at this point, since you were pretty sure the one you bought in step 3 was wrong to start with.

11.  Actually consider leaving the door off while you run to Lowe's.  Think about how much you trust your neighbors and the nature of man in general.

12.  Rehang door, minus the sweep.  This is when it is essential that you placed a couple of the hinge posts just out of reach.  Swear some more.

13.  Drive to Lowe's.  Have "Returns" women completely fail to acknowledge your existence while they refund you for wrong sweep.  Learn way to much about their personal lives.

14.  Go back to aisle of the doors.  Realize some S.O.B. filled three slots (including the one that should have the sweep you need) with the same (wrong) sweep, probably figuring no one would notice until he went home.  Reflect upon his immediate family, particularly his mother's marital relationship with his father as well as her potential relationships with other men.

15.  Remember the "buy local" message you got at the show last night.  Stride from the store with your head held high in righteous local-consumerism.

16.  Drive out of the way to locally-owned hardware store.

17.  Discover the local store not only doesn't have the sweep you need, they had never even seen one like it. .....At least they're friendly about it.

18.  Drive to the Home Depot you passed on your way to local store.  Have helpful employee immediately hand you the sweep you need.

19.  Cleverly use the "self checkout."  Watch 4 people with six items each go through regular check-out while you try to convince register to take your ten-dollar bill.  Swear.

20.  Return home.  Go into garage.  Chase cats out of garage.

21.  Remove door.  More swearing.  Remember to put at least 1, preferably 2 posts just out of reach.

22.  Insert sweep into slots on bottom of door.  Reflect on how easily it went in.

23.  Realize only one side went in.  Swear.  Remove sweep.

24.  Attempt to put both long tabs of sweep into slots in door.  Convince yourself you are using logical processes, even though you are cramming it in fairly randomly.

25.  Succeed in getting the sweep on.  Acknowledge you have no idea how it happened.

26.  Re-hang door.  Realize 1-2 posts are just out of reach.  Swear.

27.  Succeed in rehanging door.  Open and shut door several times, listening to the satisfying sound it now makes.  Consider throwing water at door to see if it does, in fact keep water out.  Reject that idea. Wait for rain.

28.  Clean dirty/greasy fingerprints off of door.

29.  Return materials to garage.

30.  Chase cats out of garage while getting in some end-of-project swearing.

31. Get the box of Joe-Joe's.  Open it.

32.  Eat them.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

My blog was originally supposed to be art-related.  Well, one has to do art in order to post about art.  Two things that are a problem are: 1) time and 2) motivation.
My boys motivate me.  I love drawing with them.  They are also my biggest fans and supporters.

Anyway... recently had a Mythology Contest to draw something for a T-shirt.  I love mythology.  I tried drawing something "realistic".  It didn't go well.  It rarely does.  So, I reverted back to my cartooning.  This was the result:  

I don't know if it will win, but I was pretty happy with the result.  This is the most successful minotaur I have drawn to date.  The contest was limited to 5 colors; I am planning on re-coloring this later using whatever colors I want.  I'll probably be drawing more of this guy later.
If you have a Deviantart account, and you want to vote, you can find the art HERE.  Just click "I Want This" to vote.  Thanks.
(If it doesn't win, I may make some products available with the re-colored art through CafePress or something...)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Car Salesmen

Car Salesmen amuse and frighten me.  Mostly, they frighten me.

They wait, patiently, for the right victim.
They circle, like sharks or piranha.
They have a hungry look in their eyes.
They may have been human, once....
...they are something else now....