Sunday, July 29, 2012

My blog was originally supposed to be art-related.  Well, one has to do art in order to post about art.  Two things that are a problem are: 1) time and 2) motivation.
My boys motivate me.  I love drawing with them.  They are also my biggest fans and supporters.

Anyway... recently had a Mythology Contest to draw something for a T-shirt.  I love mythology.  I tried drawing something "realistic".  It didn't go well.  It rarely does.  So, I reverted back to my cartooning.  This was the result:  

I don't know if it will win, but I was pretty happy with the result.  This is the most successful minotaur I have drawn to date.  The contest was limited to 5 colors; I am planning on re-coloring this later using whatever colors I want.  I'll probably be drawing more of this guy later.
If you have a Deviantart account, and you want to vote, you can find the art HERE.  Just click "I Want This" to vote.  Thanks.
(If it doesn't win, I may make some products available with the re-colored art through CafePress or something...)